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There is no more time. Let's do it without them.

There is no more time. Let's do it without them.
Very disappointing results of #COP25.

The international institutions lost (again) the opportunity to show ambition on how to face the #ClimateCrisis.

But we should not give up, and as individuals and as a company, we will definitely not. Society is ready. We just have to look at the streets, the Fridays for Future movement,
 look at the eyes of angry people when seeing governments underperforming green policies.

After this
#COP25 we confirmed (most) governments don't want to prioritize sustainability and they are more worried about cool selfies. Even though organizations such as
United Nations ask to reduce the consumption of meat to tackle the climate emergency, we have heard very few points on that during the exhibition and the conclusions.

This is why we call, more than ever, all the companies which are pushing plant-based products to stand beside the people and push the change. We have the duty to unite what the irresponsible governments are not capable of.

First the planet, then the business. There are no competitors when the game is the future of what we love the most: planet, animals and people.

Let's do it
Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Oatly, The Vegetarian Butcher, Quorn Foods, gardein™, Daiya Foods Inc, JUST, Tofurky, The Fry Family Food Co. & CO!

Let's make the Earth Green again❤️