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Com es fabrica Heura®?

We extract the protein from soybeans until we obtain a protein concentrate that is mixed with filtered water and then treated in an extrusion process with various temperature and heat processes until we obtain the meaty texture of Heura®. It sounds weird, but it’s actually a lot like the technique used to make foods like cookies, cereals and pasta ;) Once we achieve the Heura® structure, we marinate it with spices to create our Spicy, Original and Mediterranean flavours.

Does Heura® contain gluten?

Heura® products are 100% gluten-free, except hamburgers and meatballs may contain traces.

Is Heura® recommended for stews, soups and casseroles?

Of course! We recommend Heura® in any dish you can imagine. For stews, soups and casseroles, just make sure to sauté Heura® first and add it as the last ingredient because if it is boiled for too long the texture will soften.

Does Heura® contain any allergens?

Is Heura® good for me?

We are proud of Heura®’s nutritional value. It’s high in protein, fibre, iron and vitamin B12. Heura® is also a source of magnesium, potassium and zinc. In addition, it is low in saturated fats and, since it is 100% vegetable, Heura® has no cholesterol.
We are very happy that various nutritionists have told us that it is one of the most complete food sources they have ever seen.

Does Heura® contain any GMOs?

None. We ensure our soy is not genetically modified through our traceability policy.

Although there are no conclusive studies demonstrating the negative effects of GMOs on health, we at Foods for Tomorrow do worry about large multinationals dominating the market. At Foods for Tomorrow we work for a free and open food system.

Is Heura® suitable for vegans?

Yes! It’s suitable for everyone. All Heura® products are 100% vegetable. For us it is a question of principles.

Heura® is highly recommended for people who follow a 100% vegetable diet because it contains proteins of high biological value, all the essential amino acids, and it is very rich in lysine, the amino acid most difficult to find in a 100% vegetable diet.

Additionally, Heura® is high in vitamin B12 and has a high-absorption rate for iron (ferritin).

We like the foods that unite us, so Heura® is vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and works as a meat substitute. Heura® is whatever you want it to be!

Does Heura® contain preservatives, dyes or E codes?

Absolutely not! Heura® has strong "clean label" policy. So, if our products did contain any of that stuff, you’d see it clearly listed in our ingredients. We like simplicity and transparency!

Is soy harmful to the environment or to my health?

We believe that soy is a perfect legume to create our products with since, from a nutritional point of view, it is almost unbeatable. Its high protein, fibre and iron content, combined with its almost nonexistent saturated fat and high content of essential amino acids, vitamins, isoflavones and minerals, make it a very complete food. Also, soy is light on the stomach yet very satisfying.

In addition, the soy we use to prepare Heura® products comes from crops that do not promote deforestation.

Is Heura® beneficial for some health problems?

Yes, cholesterol and cancer. Since Heura®, is made with soy, it can help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Likewise, the fatty acid profile of Heura® is heart-healthy, since its saturated fat content is very low and it is high in polyunsaturated fats. In addition, the majority of studies have concluded that the consumption of soy has preventive effects against the appearance of different types of cancer, such as endometrium, breast and prostate cancer.

Heura® is a protein which, unlike products made from animal protein, has a high percentage of fibre. This means that, when combined with a good water supply, Heura® can help people with intestinal transit problems. Since Heura® is a low-fat food, it can help people maintain a healthy weight when combined with a balanced diet. 

Heura® contains isoflavones, which can help reduce the frequency of hot flashes during menopause.
Heura® does not contain added sugars and is very low in simple sugars. This makes it suitable for diabetics, as it does not increase the blood glucose levels. In addition, its high fibre content can improve insulin sensitivity.
Many people call Heura® a "superfood", but we do not believe in miraculous foods. The best person to help you plan your diet according to your individual needs is always a dietitian or nutritionist.
Whatever your situation, we hope you will join nutritionists and share in their amazement of Heura®.

What makes Heura® the new generation of vegetable protein?

Specifically, it is the third generation of vegetable protein. Fermented products like tofu and tempeh were first, followed bye textured vegetable proteins which were extruded in dry form and required binders to create different structures. The new generation is extruded by cooking, which means it has a more fibrous texture and is composed of whole structures. This means that you can read the ingredient lists in five seconds because it doesn't require emulsifiers or any other binding additives.

Heura® has an irregular texture, so each "snack" is unique: one may be thinner or thicker, more fibrous or blander, harder or softer; in short, we add a new dimension to the textures of vegetable proteins.

Is Heura® recommended for athletes?

Heura® has a high protein content and, therefore, is very suitable for the formation of muscles. In addition, it has a lot of iron and is a good source of phosphorus and magnesium, two very important minerals during exercise. A new ally for sports addicts!

Does Heura® contain B12?

We enrich Heura® with vitamin B12 in order to make sure we take into account everyone who is vegetarian or vegan. Vitamin B12 is introduced during marination to ensure that it is evenly distributed so every bite delivers this important nutrient. 75 grams of Heura® contains 1.87mcg of vitamin B12, which represents 75% of the recommended daily amount, although it is recommended that vegetarians and vegans consume 3mcg daily.

Does Heura® have any ecological certifications?

Heura® comes from European crops that do not promote deforestation. The main reason why it does not have an ecological certificate is because of the production process that we use to enrich Heura® with vitamin B12 to make it a more complete food source.

Why can't you refreeze Heura® in refrigerated format?

We recommend not freezing refrigerated Heura® because it would lose its original texture, lose juiciness and become drier.