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Burger  Heura
2x113g /
2 pax.
/ 5 min
Product description

Can you imagine saving the world by eating hamburgers? Made from textured soy protein (not GMO), Heura® Burger is so juicy, meaty and versatile, that you won't believe it's 100% vegetable. And it only contains 10% sunflower oil!


Water, 17.81% rehydrated soy protein, 10.21% sunflower oil, rice flour, contains 2% or less of: onion, maltodextrin, sugar, beet extract, vegetable fiber, methylcellulose, salt, black pepper, natural aroma, iron and vitamin B12.
* Our soybeans come from crops that do not promote deforestation

Nutritional information

Información nutricional por 100g 


204 Kcal 

(851 kJ)

Total Fat

11 g

Saturated fat

1,3 g

Total carbohydrates

11 g


1,2 g

Dietary fibre

6,6 g


12 g


1,3 g

Try me!


  1. Defrost the Heura® Burger before cooking, thus maintaining all its flavor and texture.
  2. Cook with a little oil for 5 minutes until toast.
  3. Combine it with whatever you want: with cheese, curry, with barbecue sauce, with guacamole ...
  4. Finally, let your imagination fly and enjoy!