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Original Strips

Original Strips
180 g /
/ 5 min
Product Description

Longer and thinner than our bites but just as tasty. Perfect for fajitas and vegetable stir-fry.


Water, soy concentrate*, olive oil, salt, natural flavour, spices (paprika, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cardamom) and B12 vitamin.

*Our soy comes from crops that do not promote deforestation.

Nutritional information

Nutrition Information per 100g
Energy 136Kcal 
(565 kJ)
Total fat 3.00g
Saturated fat 0.50g
Total carbohydrates 1.80g
Sugars 0.00g
Dietary fibre 6.40g
Protein 19.70g
Salt 1.37g