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Heura plant-based meat will free 1.100.000 chickens from slaughterhouse in 2020

Heura plant-based meat will free 1.100.000 chickens from slaughterhouse in 2020
The world consumption of animal protein is on the way to increase by 70% by the year 2050. Of the different types of meat, there is one whose production will continue to grow continuously throughout the world: chicken.

Of all the global increase in meat production expected in the next decade, chicken will account for 44% of the total (pdf). Its per capita consumption will grow especially in developing countries.

East and southwest Asia are two of the high points in its production. Higher purchasing power along with the growth and concentration of the population in the cities generates a rapid increase in the consumption of animal protein in the region. Thus, chicken production in Southwest Asia experienced a growth of 56% in the last decade.

Chicken is the most consumed meat in Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand for example. The latter country is the fourth largest exporter of chicken in the world, Japan being one of its main importers. The environmental impact generated by the emissions of chicken macro-farms in the region is the largest in the world in the sector. Chicken meat production is the third in greenhouse gas emissions among different types of meat.

Given this situation, Heura has become an alternative that, in addition to feeding the population in a sustainable way, benefit millions of animals around the world. The excessive increase in chicken consumption has led Heura to focus on creating a plant- based chicken meat that is not resisted by even the most carnivorous palates. Its flavor and texture provide the delicious

taste experience of chicken and incorporates the benefits of consumption according to the most pressing needs of our planet, making you enjoy without remorse. For this, Heura plant-based meat is made from European soybeans with a certificate of sustainable origin.

With an estimate of 1,100 tons of production, Heura plant-based chicken meat will be able to rid more than 730,000 of these birds from the slaughterhouse in 2020. After reaching supermarkets and restaurants throughout Spain, Heura is now launching in Europe, South America and Asia .

It is in the Asian continent where Heura wants to focus efforts due to the unsustainable increase in chicken consumption in the region that all projections alert. Singapore and Hong Kong have been the chosen launch points, where Heura is being received (and tasted) with enthusiasm.

Heura aims to improve the food system to meet the challenges we face. Nearly a quarter of all gas emissions that generate global warming come from food production and the change in associated land use (mainly from forests to pastures). The production of food of 3⁄4 of all soils dedicated to agriculture globally and is responsible for 2⁄3 of all greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture.

We are creating a new, fairer, more sustainable, more humanitarian and flavorful food system that will quickly make us forget the previous one. We want to feed millions of people while saving the lives of millions of animals.

Could you have a better mission?

This is what we know we can do, but our New Year's resolution is to multiply it as much as we can. Do you want to help us?


Projection: Estimated Heura sells in 2020: 1100 tonnes. Quantity of meat we get from chicken: 45,45%. Chicken Average Weight: 2,2 kg. 1100 tonnes of Heura = 1.100.000 chickens.